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Norton Lamp - Aitherium
Norton Lamp - Aitherium
Norton Lamp - Aitherium
Norton Lamp - Aitherium

Norton Lamp

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The ultimate talking point in any room. Take your living space to the next level. This minimal, nature-inspired, electromagnetic system propels the bulb into thin air allowing complete levitation and an immersive ambient lighting experience.

Find The Sweet Spot And Go

The Norton Lamp adds absolute elegance to desktops and living areas. Find comfort in the warmth of the Norton Lamp and ease into complete calmness. 

Stimulate your senses

Ultimate smoothness for a heightened experience. A sleek touch-activated button interface transforms your room into a glowing wonderland instantly. 

Calming Aura

Inspired by the Daintree Rainforest on the north east coast of Queensland, Australia the lamp embodies the complexity and intricacy of the rich, tropical woods that span the world’s oldest tropical rainforest. 

Protection Against Power Outages, Accidents….And Cats

Your peace of mind is assured. Aitherium’s intelligent electromagnetic system prevents bulbs from falling during a power outage and accidental knocks.