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About Us

Welcome To Aitherium

Aitherium was founded by an enthusiastic team of engineers and designers who are dedicated to bring cutting-edge levitation technology to life. They always knew that their union would make their dream of timeless and functional pieces a reality.

At Aitherium, we believe that current technology does not limit our ideas, but rather presents a challenge for growth and innovation. Our mission is to offer products that are awesomely innovative at affordable prices. 

Driven by a constant need to do better, we are building a new model for how the home décor industry operates and redefines positive impact. 

We want to change the game of home décor.

But we also want to change the future of education for underprivileged children.

Everything we do is grounded in our mission to change the way people view lighting and home décor and join the fight for world-wide education which ultimately drives the human race forward.

Discover our minimalist yet innovative collections and redefine your interior.